What can you do when your sex life together is becoming predictable or boring?

Nothing kills desire like habitual patterns. When sex becomes a routine, neither partner feels truly seen and received any longer. The polarity between your masculine and feminine energies decreases and you gradually you turn from love partners into friends. This has a dulling influence on your relationship also beyond the bedroom.

Deepening awareness

The good news is that this provides a wonderful chance for increasing awareness and growth. What sexual patterns have developed between the two of you? What about the chemistry between you outside the bedroom? What did your sexual life look like before? What secret desires don’t you dare to express? To embark on this exploration together, outside your comfort zone, will always lead you to a deeper, more fulfilling level of encounter. This will also create more space for the flow of Eros between you.

Keep your focus on you

It is important to not blame and shame the other person but keep the focus on yourself. Expressing your desires to one another, even if this makes you nervous, is a great exercise in being open and vulnerable. In this way, you also show your trust in your partner’s ability to fulfill your desires. Equally important is to leave your partner free in this. If you get stuck in this, consulting a sexologist can definitely help you to find one another again in this area.