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‘Eros’ is my favorite term for a view of sexuality with room for the sensual, emotional, relational and even spiritual dimensions of life. In my 35 years of working in the Dutch mental health care system, and as a sexologist, I have witnessed a lot of suffering in the area of sexuality and intimacy. Both with clients and in my private life I came up against the limitations of our Western, one-sided emphasis on symptom treatment. In my search for deeper understanding and healing, I have integrated in my work various forms of bodywork, energy work and consciousness work. As sexologist and relationship therapist (ONLINE) and bodyworker, massagetherapist in my practise space in Kortenhoef (when Iam in Holland)  I support men, women and couples.  I propagate my broader vision on sexuality by training mental health professionals and by giving workshops and lectures for a wider audience.
Henriette Versteijnen, sexologist, bodyworker and Eros specialist

Awakening with Sexuality

Sexuality has the power to connect us to our world and open our mind and heart. Come explore these possibilities in a one week program open to all.

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