Sexological consultation Online and Relationship therapy Online

You are welcome to consult me online about all your questions in the realm of intimacy, sexuality and love relationships. I approach sexuality from a very broad perspective: physical, psychological, cultural and spiritual. My focus is on deepening your understanding of yourself and taking the driver’s seat in your life. In this process I support you to remain true to yourself in your connection with your partner.
I work with both individuals and couples.

Physical complaints

If you suffer from physical complaints, such as erection disorder, vaginal pain, loss of desire or premature ejaculation, I will mostly invite you to explore the underlying causes. This will clarify what is going on at an emotional or relational level, for which I will suggest next steps. In rare cases I will refer you to an urologist, gynecologist or pelvic floor specialist.

Psychological and relational issues

Insecurity about your sexual identity, shame about unusual desires, shyness and fear of dating, worrying about the quality of your sex life, considering a divorce, traumatic experiences in past or present… they all have a deep impact on our lives. Nevertheless, people often suffer in silence for a very long time before reaching out for help.

Sexual shame

There is still so much pain, frustration and shame in the area of sexuality. But if you don’t take your wishes and needs seriously, you will become increasingly frustrated and alienated from yourself and your life energy. This can easily lead to depression, physical problems and all kinds of relational issues. Whatever you are struggling with in this area, by consulting a professional you will create space for yourself to get things off your chest and open up to a new perspective. In this space, healing can occur and you can allow new possibilities to enter your life.

Sexuality and vitality

Sex is so much more important than we often think. It is the very life energy from which you were born! In your sexuality, your self-expression and vitality merge with your ability to receive and enjoy pleasure. Sexuality is all about zest for living, intimacy, your connection with yourself and others, see and be seen for who you are at the deepest level. It is about allowing yourself to enjoy life, fulfilment, a sense of purpose and surrender to the mystery of life itself. If you are unhappy about your sex life, this has an impact on every area of your life and therefore deserves your attention to look at en heal it. In our sessions we work on these levels to reconnect to your eros.


100 euros per hour

If my agenda permits, I also work evenings and Saturdays.

I also offer bodywork, Kashmir massages and Shiatsu treatments.