Kashmir Massage

A Kashmir massage is a soft, tender and free form of meditative touch. Both giver and receiver connect with a deep layer of consciousness that provides emotional healing.

Kashmir massage can support you to:

  • Reconnect with your body if you haven’t been touched for some time
  • Better listen to your body wisdom
  • Enjoy your body more and explore your erogenous zones
  • Open up and surrender to intimacy and vulnerability
  • Heal traumatic experiences

When mutual trust has been established, you are welcome to work out deeper issues, such as behavioral patterns in giving and receiving or revealing yourself in contact with another.

Kashmir massage is sometimes called the yoga of touch. This form of massage comes from Kashmir Saivism, a tantric oral tradition going back more than 2500 years.

All is welcome, nothing is discarded

A Kashmir massage is meant as an inner journey, carried by the shared energies of receiver and giver alike. It is a form of tantric massage, meaning that nothing is pursued and nothing is avoided. In this open space, all that emerges can be embraced. By surrendering to your experience, time drops away and you reconnect to a deeper layer of ‘knowing’. You become aware from the inside where your life energy is flowing freely and where it may be blocked.

My background

Since 2012 I offer Kashmir massages, after many retreats and after having received these massages on a regular basis for many years. Besides practicing the massage itself, I have also studied tantric texts and practiced meditation in order to better understand this rich tradition and bring it into the world. My main teachers have been Daniel Odier, Carla Verberk and Theo de Klein.

A Kashmir massage is a great idea:

  • When your body has not been touched for some time
  • When you have difficulty letting go of control
  • A Kashmir massage is a wonderful opportunity, in a safe setting, to embark on this adventure of surrender
  • When there is something you can’t figure out with your head and you want to access the intuitive wisdom of your body
  • When you tend to first take care of others and forget about yourself

A Kashmir massage is a wonderful way to break through that dynamic and experience how you can stay totally connected to yourself when reaching out to others. People often report that they spontaneously started to take better care of themselves after receiving a Kashmir massage.

What does a Kashmir massage look like?

The massage takes place on a heated mattress in a pleasant room. Warm oils and soft background music accompany the massage. After the intake, you are led lovingly and respectfully into a dynamic yet meditative dance of touch. Both giver and receiver allow their breathing to guide them.


170 euros for 2 hours
If my agenda permits, I also work evenings and Saturdays.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

I also offer bodywork and Shiatsu treatments.