Coaching & bodywork

I am happy to support you on your path of growing in awareness through:

  • Sexology consultation
  • Bodywork sessions
  • Kashmir massages
  • Shiatsu treatments
  • Unique Self Coaching

More about each of these below.

Sexology consultation

You are welcome with all your questions and struggles in the realm of intimacy, sexuality and love relationships. I approach sexuality from a very broad perspective: physical, psychological, relational, cultural and spiritual. Read more>


Bodywork makes you more aware of your body, that extremely refined instrument that reflects your unique life story and is your portal to your intuition and your natural body wisdom. We focus on an issue around sexuality and intimacy.
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Kashmir massage

A Kashmir massage is a soft, tender and free form of meditative touch. Both giver and receiver connect with a deep layer of consciousness that provides emotional healing.

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Shiatsu treatments

Shiatsu, a Japanese variation of the ancient Chinese healing arts, means: ‘pressure of the fingers’. This pressure is exerted along the energy meridians on the body in order to help unblock stagnated life energy. Read more>

Unique Self Coaching

This coaching is all about un-covering your unique qualities. In 9-12 months you delve deeply into 1) your defense patterns, 2) your unlived potential and 3) your Unique Risk: going beyond your comfort zone to bring your life’s mission into the world. Read more>