Bodywork & Massage

Bodywork makes you more aware of your body, that extremely refined instrument that reflects your unique life story with all of its pain, joy, vulnerability, power and greatness.

Sessions one-on-one

In a bodywork session we focus on a specific issue around sexuality and intimacy. In a safe setting, respecting your and my boundaries, I support your growth in awareness by touching your body through meditative massage techniques. My aim is to help you become more aware of your connection with your own life energy and body wisdom. To that end, I create an open meeting space where there is room for whatever comes up for you.

Sessions for couples

It can be very liberating, healing and inspiring to learn and practice new ways of touching each other as a couple. This can also help to clear any distortions in your communication.


100 euros for 1 hour, 160 euros for 2 hours
If my agenda permits, I also work evenings and Saturdays.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

I also offer Kashmir massages (both one-on-one and for couples) and Shiatsu treatments.