Unique Self Coaching

Unique Self Coaching focuses on the un-covering your deepest unique qualities and transcending your own defense patterns in order to bring those qualities into the world.

In this trajectory of 9-12 months you get to know yourself at a deeper level, beyond your personality. You become aware that it is precisely your unique struggles that give your life more depth, meaning and significance. In the dance of life, you come along only once! We are all unique in our life’s story and therefore in our potential gifts to the world.

Back to your source

As a child, we all get wounded in our own way. The defense mechanism that you have built against this, keeps you from the fulness of who you really are. This is an inevitable process that belongs to our being human. As you get older, however, you often will feel a growing need to lay down your armors and return to your source. The innocence and pure love power that you once knew as a child begin to stir and raise their beautiful heads, longing to be expressed once again, only this time consciously. This is where the meaning of your life reveals itself.

Your unique life mission

In the Unique Self emergence process, we deeply explore what moves your heart and inspires you. This gives you a glimpse of your true essence. We also take a deep dive into both your defense patterns and your unlived desires. Together, they reveal another puzzle piece about you and your life’s mission. Finally, we focus on your Unique Risk – the steps you need to take, beyond your comfort zone, in order to manifest your unique life’s mission into the world.

I have gone through this wonderful process myself during my training and since June 2017 I now also guide others.


This coaching trajectory consists of a total of 16 sessions and can be completed within 9 to 12 months. You receive a rich palette of practices in the form of meditations and writing exercises. The process requires an active engagement, also between sessions.

For more information: www.uniqueselfemergence.com.
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.



I had the privilege to work with Henriette, first as her trainer and coach, while she was going through our coach training (www.uniqueselfemergence.com) and later as a co-creator in a workshop we facilitated together through the Mystery School of Love (www.thefestivaloflove.org).

Henriette’s sexuality work – at the crossroads of psychology and spirituality – is a gift for all. Not only does she bring her life-long passion, practice and experience to her work but she meets each person from the depths and the largeness of a heart that knows of the One heart we all share.
Claire Molinard, Unique Self dharma teacher, coach, therapist, trainer