Who i am

My name is Henriette Versteijnen. As a sexologist and bodyworker, I invite people to open up more to the flow of Eros, both in their body and in their life. By ‘Eros’ I do not merely mean sexuality and intimacy with a love partner, but also our capacity to pleasure ourselves, reach out to others and sensually enjoy life in general.

I have worked in the Dutch mental health system for 35 years now, where I educate professionals about the importance of intimacy and sexuality for our wellbeing on all levels: physical, mental, emotional, relational and spiritual. In my private practice in Rijswijk, not far from Amsterdam, I support men, women and couples with their questions and struggles in the area of sexuality and intimate relationships.

I have been married for a total of 26 years and am mother of three grown-up children. I know the path of working on your relationship, still grow apart, continue life on your own and find your way again in connections with others.

From sexology to spirituality… and back again

In mainstream mental health care, I have seen how our Western, one-sided emphasis on symptom treatment fails to provide sufficient healing for people. Neither did this meet my own needs when the going got rough in my private life. My search for better answers led me to meditation and mindfulness, a degree in Comparative Religion, a four-year professional training in Iokai Shiatsu and many courses and retreats in Tibetan Buddhism, traditional tantra and modern Jewish mysticism.

Free e-book: ‘The Five Principles for lasting fulfilment in your (love) life’
In my e-book I work out five basic points concerning the importance of Eros in our life:

  1. Love yourself first!
  2. Discover your unique love potential
  3. Invite more Eros into your daily life
  4. Reveal your naked self to others
  5. Share your unique gifts with the world

Download HERE my free e-book and keep informed about my activities.