How does your inner lover make the world a little more beautiful?

Your heart gets touched by life in a unique way. Through the specific pains and joys that it has gone through, your heart has its own knowledge that no one else has. Your way of experiencing sexuality, too, is unique to you. There is no lover like you. Your sexual energy consists of your unique fire and outpouring life force, and also of your unique sensitivity to pleasure that allow you to appreciate life from within.

Congealed desire

It is so sad when people die without having lived and shared their love, because of fear, shame or pain they were not able to overcome. All those congealed love gestures that wanted to be shared but fell silent in the master bedroom. All those lives dominated by politeness and ‘the done thing’ but lacking the music of seeing one another and being seen on a deep level.

Revealing yourself

It requires courage to reveal yourself to another with all your insecurities, vulnerabilities, peculiarities and greatness. Yet it is precisely in that intimate space that we all long to be seen and received. This brings healing and leads to contentment and trust in existence itself.


That healing can also be found by embracing both your vulnerability and your greatness while pleasuring yourself – your wisdom, your knowing and not-knowing. In this stream of deep self-acceptance your innocence and pureness can reveal themselves. There is a world of difference between pleasuring yourself coming from innocence and goodness or coming from a sense of lack and tension that wants to discharge itself. By loving yourself in your fullness, you also open the door for others to approach both you and themselves from a similar sense of fullness.

The fuel for your success

Your sexual energy is also the fuel for your life’s mission. Whether you cooperate with others at work, in your sports club or in a love relationship, you can become a lover of life in any situation and connect with others in your special, unique way. Your unique qualities as a lover of life contribute to both your own success and the wellbeing of the greater whole. Without your passion, power and tenderness, life is not complete.