How holding your tea cup can make your life more erotic

Every daily routine, from drinking tea to washing your hands or taking a shower, if done consciously, can become a purely erotic act. Dare to see it as something sensual – how your fingers touch the cup’s ear, enjoying its curves and taut outlines, the smooth material, the colors that speak to you. There is contact! In this way, you develop yourself as an erotic being.

Magical moments

In that sensuous space you can suddenly become aware, as if by magic, of the greater whole of your life, as it reveals itself to you in that very moment. Then you are able to see with the eyes of a child but with the consciousness of an adult who realizes and accepts the impermanence of life. This can be a truly miraculous experience. It may sound very remote to you but in fact it is your birth right to be fully present in the world and enjoy it fully as well.

The world as a sensuous experience

Towards your lover, parents, children or friends, too, you can pay attention to the freshness of each unique moment along the timeline of your connection. In this way, you start to notice more, for example that your child is tired instead of immediately asking about homework. The world becomes a sensual, energetic experience in which you can learn, like a real lover of life, to make love to everything around you – flowers, trees, paving bricks, cars, that tea cup, the sun, the wind… And sometimes to your lover.