I have difficulty reaching orgasm

There is so much nonsense going around about orgasm. There are as many types of orgasm as there are people on this planet! It is so sad that many people settle for a few seconds of tension release when so much more is possible. In orgasm, sex and death blur into one. In order to climax, you need to release control and surrender to the unknown. In this sense, orgasm leads you to the mystery of life itself, which cannot be put into words. It is the mystery from which we were born and into which we eventually will die again.

Inhabit your senses

Becoming orgasmic is all about relaxation and inhabiting your senses while having sex, instead of be locked up in your head. Your whole body is a wonderful instrument for lust and ecstasy. See your body as a varied landscape where you can endlessly roam around without ever becoming bored.

Forget about orgasm and practice surrendering to all those sensations. Ask your partner regularly for a lovemaking session in which you just play, roll about and caress each other. In this way, your body with its natural wisdom can point the way to become more orgasmic by simply relaxing and releasing expectations.

Yes, I want this!

A very short or slightly painful orgasm often is a sign of pent-up energy in the pelvic area. It is important to open up your pelvis for the flow of sexual energy, and for a woman, to be able to spread your legs from a full sense of ‘Yes, I want this!’


For people who struggle with getting an orgasm I recommend bodywork sessions. Bodywork helps you to relax more, to learn to perceive the finer energies in your body and remove energy blocks. In my practice I offer Kashmir massages, shiatsu treatments and Orgasmic Meditation, an intimate massage of the pelvic floor.